Maya FX N°1

FX exercise in Maya

The vegetation are models instanced on randomized particles with a random of rotations and scales.

The rain drops fall and spread when they touch the pond. The ripples also are shapes instanced on particles.

Nevermind the design, this was not the aim of the exercise.


ART (season 2)

Ava, Riko, Teo is a preschool show imagined by the original author of « Papivole ». I worked on animation retakes for this show. This was a good experiment and my very first one for a production as an after effects animator.

Mila twisted tales

Looking for stuffs in my hdd I found some old shots of the first Tv show I worked for.

This was my very first experiment on an animated TV-show as as an animator and retake animator.

In this video there also are some shots of a special Cd-Rom version that  I have animated alone as a trainee. It was an era were the 4:3 (720 x 576 px) was the norm.

The animation is clumsy and I have learned a lot since this time but this was an amazing and happy period.

The 3 Parques

The 3 Parques control the life of the mankind since always. A scientist wants to make them fall.

This is a short film that I have made when I was a student. In this time I was learning animation, staging and everything. This short is full of clumsiness but permit to me to learn a lot and still have some qualities.